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So This is Growing Up

I just arrived back in NYC from a two week trip to my hometown of Colorado Springs, CO. It’s good to be back in the city, but the trip...

My Friend Reality

Let's take a walk down reality lane.

2020 W/ Nothing to Lose

And in the end, all you've gained will be lost. So what do you really have to lose?


Do you feel held?

Time is Just a Social Construct

One day I’ll remember the heating pole in my first NYC bedroom. I’ll be walking somewhere, someday, maybe with someone I love - I'd like...

Waking Life

My mind has been transitioning a lot lately... I guess I've been on that thirty year plan, you know, where you hit thirty and you’re like...

Blog 2.0

In my last blog you learned about my recent move to NYC and some new found philosophies I’m exploring. I can’t take all the credit for...

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